Prosthetic Aortic Valve - Evaluation of elevated peak AV velocity

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Data Acquisition

Prosthetic aortic valve evaluation

Reference Values

Prosthetic AV Stenosis
EOA (cm2)DVI
Possible stenosis0.8-1.20.25-0.30
Suggest significant stenosis<0.8<0.25


Algorithm for evaluation of elevated peak prosthetic aortic jet velocity incorporating DVI, jet contour, and AT.1

Aortic prosthetic diagnosis algorithm

*PW Doppler sample too close to the valve (particularly when jet velocity by CW Doppler is ≥4 m/s). **PW Doppler sample too far (apical) from the valve (particularly when jet velocity is 3-3.9 m/s). ∅ Stenosis further substantiated by EOA derivation compared with reference values if valve type and size are known. Fluoroscopy and TEE are helpful for further assessment, particularly in bileaflet valves. AVR, Aortic valve replacement.


\[DVI = \frac{VTI_{LVOT}}{VTI_{PrAV}}\]

\[EOA = \frac{\pi (LVOT/2)^2 \times VTI_{LVOT}}{VTI_{PrAV}} \]

\[Indexed\hspace{0.1cm}EOA = \frac{EOA}{BSA} \]


VPrAVVelocity across prosthetic aortic valve
ATPrAVAcceleration time to peak prosthetic aortic valve velocity
VTILVOTVelocity-time integral at LVOT
LVOTLeft ventricular outflow tract diameter
VTIPrAVVelocity-time integral across prosthetic aortic valve
EOAEffective Orifice Area
DVIDoppler Velocity Index
BSABody surface area using the Mosteller formula


1.Zoghbi WA, et al. Recommendations for evaluation of prosthetic valves with echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound. J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2009; 22(9):994-995. Full text


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