Corrected QT Interval (QTc)

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Clinical Use

Estimate QT interval when a heart is beating at 60 bpm.

Reference Values

QTc categorized by the European regulatory guideline5
QTc (ms)
Male Female
Normal ≤430 ≤450
Borderline 431-450 451-470
Prolonged >450 >470


Short QTc: ≤ 340 ms6


\[QTc\hspace{0.1cm} Bazett = QT \times RR^{-1/2}\]

\[QTc \hspace{0.1cm} Fredericia = QT \times RR^{-1/3}\]

\[QTc\hspace{0.1cm} Framingham\hspace{0.1cm} (Sagie) = QT + 0.154 \times(1-RR)\]

\[QTc \hspace{0.1cm} Hodges= QT + \frac{105}{RR} -105 \]


  • Bazett formula is commonly used because it offers a simple approach to determining QTc. However, it undercorrects at heart rates below 60 bpm and overcorrects at heart rates above 100 bpm.
  • At heart rates outside of the 60 – 100 bpm range, the Fredericia or Framingham formulas are more accurate and should be used instead.


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