Duke Treadmill Score

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Clinical Use

Risk stratification for coronary artery disease and mortality based on exercise treadmill test


\[ DTS = Exercise Time \hspace{0.1cm}–\hspace{0.1cm} (5 \times Max ST) \hspace{0.1cm}–\hspace{0.1cm} (4 \times Angina) \]

More Info

The Duke Treadmill Score (DTS) is a point system to predict mortality and probability of coronary artery disease based on treadmill ECG stress testing.

Patients are categorized based on Duke treadmill score as follows:

DTS Risk category
>=+5 Low risk
+4 to -10 Moderate risk
<= -11 High risk


Mortality risk and risk of coronary artery disease based one Duke Treadmill Category
DTS Risk Category 1-Yr Mortality No Stenosis >=75% 1 VD >=75% 2 VD >=75% 3VD >=75% or LM >=75%
Low 0.9% 52.6% 22.4% 13.6% 11.4%
Mod 2.9% 17.8% 15.6% 27.9% 38.7%
High 8.3% 1.8% 9.1% 17.5% 71.5%
Low 0.5% 80.9% 9.4% 6.2% 3.5%
Mod 1.1% 65.1% 14.2% 8.3% 12.4%
High 1.8% 10.8% 18.9% 24.3% 46%
VD = Vessel Disease;  LM = Left Main


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