Maximum Predicted Heart Rate

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Clinical Use

Calculate maximum predicted heart rate by age and maximum predicted heart rate achieved


\[ MPHR\hspace{0.1cm}(Fox) = 220 \hspace{0.1cm}–\hspace{0.1cm}age\]

\[MPHR\hspace{0.1cm}(Tanaka) = 208\hspace{0.1cm}–\hspace{0.1cm}(0.7 \times age)\]

\[MPHR\hspace{0.1cm}(Stevens\hspace{0.1cm}Creek) = 205\hspace{0.1cm}–\hspace{0.1cm} \frac{age}{2}\]

More Info

The equation by Fox is the quick and most commonly used equation to predict maximal heart rate.1

Tanaka’s equation (2001) was found to be more accurate to predict maximal heart rate in older adult.2

Fox’s and Stevens Creek’s3 equations were recommended to use for the purpose of training, testing, and daily exercise routine in military personnel.4


HR Heart rate (beat/minute)


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