Frequently Asked Questions

All studies will be interpreted only by U.S. board-certified cardiologists. Most cardiologists are also subspecialty trained and/or certified in the area they are providing interpretation services.

Our turnaround time is 24 hours for routine exams and 1 hour for STAT exams from the time studies are uploaded to the PACS.

No, contract is not required unless the service needs advanced customization. There is no obligation to continue using our service.

It depends. Normally, after the agreement is completed, the service can start as soon as we set up the software to transmit studies from your location to us, or after we arrange the method of how we review and read your studies. This process usually takes 2-5 days. It can take longer if there is advanced customization or licensing involved.

You only need a computer running Windows with 2+ GB RAM and 10+ GB hard disk space and high-speed internet connection.

Your studies will be uploaded to our cloud-based PACS provided by Studycast.

You can upload any DICOM or Non-DICOM images, supporting documents, audio clips, scanned documents and other multi-media files.

You and authorized users will receive a login to our system to view study images and retrieve the reports stored on our PACs. This can be accessed via your web browser from any computer. No need to install any software.

We offer free storage of all studies for 7 years or until age 25 for pediatric studies.

Yes, we do. We provide free installation of the software for transmitting studies on your computer. Along the way, we will work closely with you and provide customer service and technical support for any issues that may occur.